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Residency Visas In Panama

Why Panama?

Panama is the fastest growing economy in the Americas and has been recognized as one of the top offshore countries. International entrepreneurs and investors flock to Panama to capitalize on these opportunities.

An open borders approach, political and economic stability, and some of the easiest residency programs to obtain, Panama attracts people from all over the world.

Permanent residency in Panama offers an alternative way to secure your safety, finances and likelihood by eliminating your dependence on a single economy or government.

Panama uses the territorial tax system.

Minimum time on the ground.

Visa Programs

Pensionado Retiree Visa

Reforestation Visa

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Business Opportunities

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Service Providers

Panama Residency Visa works in association with Kraemer & Kraemer, ensuring your residency is handled efficiently.

Marcos Kraemer, managing partner of Kraemer & Kraemer is an attorney duly registered at the attorney’s register list of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama, a member of the Panama National Bar Association, and a member of the Inter-American Bar Association.

Kraemer & Kraemer strives to by the premier choice of immigration firms and ensures quality services for affordable prices. Contact one of the Kraemer & Kraemer team members today for more information on obtaining residency in Panama today.


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