Pensionado Visa


Retirees earning a minimum of USD 1000 per month (or equivalency in a differenct currency) can qualify for the Pensionado Program. This program grants permanent residency in Panama and has amazing perks and discounts. 




  • Passport
  • 5 photos (1.5 by 2 inches)
  • Apostilled National Police Background Report (valid for 6 months)
  • Apostilled Letter of Retirement with proof of funds (valid for 6 months)
  • Health Certificate (obtained in Panama)
  • Additional paperwork for dependents
Minimum Pension Needed

The applicant must prove they are earning a mimium of USD 1000 a month to qualify for the Pensionado Visa. For each dependent, such as spouse or children, an additional USD 250 each is required.

Paperwork Required For Dependents

For Spouses:

  • Apostilled marriage certificate (must be recently issued as under Panamanian Law, marriage certificates are only valid for 6 months)
  • Apostilled national police background certificate

For children:

  • Child’s apostilled unabridged birth certificate (must be recently issued as under Panamanian Law, birth certificates are only valid for 6 months)
Apostille Service

An apostille is simply legalizing a document for international use. For example, South Africans can apostille their documents at DIRCO (located in Pretoria) and United States citizens can apostille their documents at the Secretary of State. 

In some countries, such as Canada, apostille services are unavailable. Documents must then be authenticated at the nearest Panamanian Consulate in said country. In some cases, the documents must be notarized first. It would be best to contact the Panamanian Consulate in said country directly for further instruction. Authenticated documents require an additional step at the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Panama City (Kraemer & Kraemer will take care of this additional step). 

Submit Your Application In Just 2 Weeks


Application Approval Within 6 Months

Process And Timeline

Requesting Documentation:

Depending on how long your country takes to process the required documentation, we suggest requesting required paperwork 3 months prior to intended travel dates to Panama.

Initiating Kraemer & Kraemer’s Services:

A minimum of 2 weeks before your first trip, a retainer of legal fees must be paid to Kraemer & Kraemer to intiate their services. Once payment has been recieved, their legal team will translate your documents (please email copies of all paperwork and bring originals to Panama) and ensure your file is ready prior to your arrival. 

1st Trip To Panama: Submitting The Residency Application

1st Business Day:

  • Meet Marcos or one of the attorneys at Kraemer & Kraemer and sign necessary paperwork
  • Kraemer & Kraemer will obtain the health certificate on your behalf

2nd Business Day:

  • Register passports at Immigration with one of Kraemer & Kraemer’s paralegals 

3rd Business Day:

  • Present application at Immgration with one of Kraemer & Kraemer’s paralegals 
  • Receive temporary ID cards (can travel domestically with the temporary ID cards)

4th Business Day:

  • Kraemer & Kraemer will apply for the multi-entry visa on applicant’s behalf

6th Business Day:

  • Passport will be ready for pick-up at the Kraemer & Kraemer offices
2nd Trip To Panama: Completing The Residency Application

Your application will be approved within 6 months, typically between 2-4 months. When you return to Panama, completing the residency will only take 1 business day. Though, 2-3 days is always recommended in case there are unexpected delays such as the government offices closing without notice (happens more often than you think). Please note: if you return to Panama to complete the residency after the temporary ID has expired, you will receive a penalty of USD 50 per month, per applicant. 

Maintaining Residency

In order to maintain residency, one must visit Panama every 2 years for a couple of days. If you do not visit Panama in the 2 year period, your residency will be suspended. You will then have an additional 2 years to reinstate your residency or risk your residency status being revoked. 

Once you arrive in Panama, you will hit the ground running and will submit your application within 6-8 business days.

Your application will then be approved within the 6 month period and all applicants must return to Panama to complete the process and obtain permanent residency cards (or stay and explore Panama while you wait!)

Costs And Fees


  • One time Duty tax exemption for household goods up to a total of $10,000
  • Duty exemption for importing a new car every two years
  • 50% off entertainment 
  • 25-30% of transportation including domestic flights
  • 30-50% off hotel bookings
  • 14-35% off restaurants
  • 10-20% medical
  • 20% off professional and technical services
  • 50% reduction in closing costs for home loans