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Uber is a safe, reliable and affordable way of getting around Panama City. Sign up here and get your first ride free with promo code: michelleh13111ue. 

Affordable Accommodation

Check out some of our recommended hotels here! AirBnB is another great option for apartment-style accommodation. Sign up here and get USD 25 off your first booking. Always remember to read the reviews before booking.


Our paralegals will do all the legwork at the immigration offices, however you are still required to be present. This includes waiting around for a couple hours. Download some of your favorite shows on Netflix and don’t forget to bring water and some snacks.

Getting The Required Documentation

Apostilled FBI reports for USA Citizens

Police records must be obtained on a national level. If you are a USA Citizen or are applying for the police report, you must obtain the record from the FBI. 

You can either request the report directly through the FBI or use an approved third party channeler. National Background Information is highly recommended and can expedite the process. 

Once you have your report, you are then required to apostille it. This can either be done at the Secretary of State in D.C. or by the nearest Panamanian Consulate. Please keep in mind that if you are applying with dependents and need to have marriage and birth certificates apostiled, they will need to be apostilled at the local Secretary of State in the state which issued the certificate. An approved third channeler can apostille and expedite this process, we recommend U.S Authentication Services.

Apostilled police reports for South African Citizens

South Africans can obtain a Police Clearance Certificate at their local police station. This process can take 6-8 weeks to obtain. 

Once you have the certificate, you must then apostille it at DIRCO or at the Panamanian Consulate. DIRCO does not charge a fee and if you have less than 5 documents, the entire process will take less than an hour.